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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When it comes to passwords, you wanna create a different password for each account you have. This is where "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" comes in handy. If you use one password for an account that you use regularly then you might be able to remember that password because you type it each time or might have some reference meaning that helps you to remember, however it'll be hard to remember all the other passwords for the other accounts. Coffre Noir will help you easily and conveniently store and retrieve your passwords or any other private information on your device so it's available to you when you need them most.

Containers and Key Vaults

It's better to get organized and create containers for your key vaults. For example you want to create a container called "Entertainment" for accounts such as Netflix, Starz, Hulu, HBO NOW and such. Other example containers could be Travel (to store passport numbers and such), Work, School, Shopping, Taxes, Self Employment (for your LLC account and related information, etc.

Lock Key Vault & Tell No Tales

You can enable key vault lock in settings>vault settings. Coffre Noir supports Apple built-in local authentication such as Face Id, Touch Id, and passcode. If your device is not configured for those then you can create a custom master password.


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